DIY Pool and Floor Coatings

The Tools You Will Need

DIY Epoxy Floor Tools
Colour Palette

Our polymer coatings

Our floor coatings are custom made from polymer resins, epoxy, or polyurethanes. One of the most unique things about polymer floors and pool coatings is the completely seamless surface they create. They demonstrate high structural resilience, flexibility, durability, and good noise reduction qualities.

Why use a DIY option?

If you would like to save thousands on a pool coating service, you can take advantage of our DIY system. It is an easy-to-use epoxy kit which includes all the materials you need plus a comprehensive instruction manual, and You tube video. We offer a full technical support package as well. Our DIY option for floors is cost effective, especially for utility areas like garages, workshops, laundry and food prep areas. The most important facet of DIY is assessing the existing surfaces and preparing the surface properly before coating. To this end we offer full support so that your efforts are durable and aesthetically pleasing.


  • High performance floor coatings

  • The natural elasticity of polymers make them exceptionally durable and comfortable underfoot

  • We use the highest quality, certified raw materials.

  • Smooth finishes for easy cleaning or polishing and maintenance

  • Unlimited colour choices

  • Anti-Slip formulation for pool steps and seats

  • Substrate assessment advice

  • Detailed surface preparation method instructions

  • Anti-fungal, algae resistant and Uv resistant

2 Part Epoxy Coating System

Epoxy Floor Coat A and B
Epoxy Primer A and B
Epoxy Thinners and Salts