Pool Coatings & Systems

Our Services

Guardcoat Polymer Solutions are manufacturers of high quality EU certified epoxy coatings for swimming pools. Our services include pool renovation, repair and refurbishment. We have renovated hotel, municipal, lodge, gym, club , school and residential pools over the past 20 years.

If you opt for the full service pool renovation or repair we send through a highly experienced team. We work countrywide as well; anywhere from city centers to remote country locations. We work out of the country as well.

Besides the preparation and pool coating service we offer services such as filtration set ups, pool surrounds, and a full design service. Call us for a quote on our polymer or marble plaster finishes.


  • Anti-Slip formultaion for steps and seats

  • Rigorous substrate assessment

  • Customised surface preparation methods

  • Custom colour options and finishes

  • Ani-fungal and algae resistant

  • UV resistant

Why Epoxy?

Our pool coating is a two component cycloalphatic epoxy coating. We coat all types of water bodies including fresh or saltwater pools or fountains, fishponds, settling tanks, bund walls.The coating adheres to fibre glass, marble plaster, cement plaster, concrete and steel surfaces. The coating is highly durable and resistant to pool chemicals and dilute acids making it great for long term corrosion resistance. Our coating has outstanding heat and chemical resistance; a high durability, low porosity and strong bond strength. It is easy to apply with a brush and roller.

Custom Finishes

We mix custom colours. The product offers a great appearance, a substrate dependent smooth surface texture and uniform colour. It is algae proof which cuts down on pool chemicals. Pool maintenance becomes easy, simple and less costly.

DIY Options

If you would like to save thousands on a pool coating service you can take advantage of our DIY system. It is an easy epoxy kit which includes all the materials you need plus a comprehensive instruction manual and You tube video. We offer a full technical support package as well.