Mining and Industrial Environments

Industry Accredited

Guardcoat has supplied over 300 000 Non-Slip Step Nosings to numerous mines and industrial sites.

We offer an industry tested, non-slip system for steps, inclines and walkways in mines and industrial environments. Our proprietary product is compliant with the regulations of the department of Energy and Minerals.

Guardcoats’ Non-Slip Step Nosing System has been fully evaluated by SecMet – Metallurgical and Conversion Consultants (SASOL). It was concluded that the product endured the accelerated weathering protocol, maintaining coating integrity after cyclic periodic UV exposure.

  • Quick to install, and cost effective

  • Long term solution to challenging working conditions

  • Extensive slip and fall risk assessments

  • Environmental analysis and consultation service

  • High risk area solutions

  • Installation services

  • Corrosion and abrasion resistant

  • Custom colour, size, marking and grit specifications

  • Proven outperformance of other short-term solutions

Extensive Analytical Process

We have extensive experience analysing and implementing accident and disaster prevention systems and safety solutions in large and high risk environments. Some of our biggest clients are Impala Platinum Mines, Sasol, De Beers, and Kumba Resources. We have installed over 400 000 step nosings nationwide and pride ourselves on the efficacy of our products and solutions.

Custom Solutions

Guardcoat polymer solutions offer a range of Non-Slip Systems for large industrial environments and mines, Our custom polymer based systems offer corrosion protection, acid resistance, bactericidal additives and non-slip surfaces. The composition and application specifications of our epoxy and polyurethane based coatings and systems can be tailored for heavy duty use.

Technical Specifications

The polymers we use are EU certified and of a high quality. Our Epoxy resins and polyurethanes have been engineered to specific criteria. For more in depth technical specifications request or technical documents and brochures below.